1. Getting started with the program (all versions)

1.1. 1) Set up the spell checker

If you are using a version of the "Obfuscator", then the installation of the dictionaries is not required.

When using the program as part of build servers you want to use checking using Hunspell.

If you install both, it will use Hunspell.

Option 1:

The program allows you to check spelling using the functions in OpenOffice/LibreOffice:

Option 2 (preferred):

For an advanced spell checker, efficacie and check not only the English and Russian language need to download and unzip (with replacement of files) into the program directory ("c:\Program Files (x86)\SourceLocalizer") archive of modules and spelling dictionaries.

After extracting the archive of the modules to the program directory in the file properties NHunspell.dll (approximate location c:/Program Files (x86)/SourceLocalizer/NHunspell.dll) click button "Unblock" (at Windows 10 uses a checkbox instead of a button) to work with it – see picture below.


More information about the archive, see "Additional modules…"

Plugins spell (option 2) the functions of the OpenOffice/LibreOffice are not used.

1.2. 2) Familiarity with the user manual

Start → Programs → SourceLocalizer → User’s Manual → User’s Manual in PDF/CHM/HTML

Links to the user guides:

To review the localization process in this program, you can use this test case and detailed description of actions on localization example:

see User’s Manual → Section "Examples of work with the program" → "Simple localization project Lazarus (SimpleMath)"

1.3. 3) Briefly about spelling

  • To check the text to the clipboard — launch the label "Clipboard…"
  • To Spell check / spell source files, "throw" files/directories to the label "Checking files…"
  • To check spelling/grammar and the accuracy of the translation in file PO/TMX/XLIFF/…, "throw" them on the label "Testing translation…"

1.4. 4) Briefly obfuscation code

  • To check the obfuscated code in the source files, "throw" them on the label "Obfuscation…"
  • For automatic obfuscation source code file setup program with parameters

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