14. On error program

14.1. The cause of the error (in the console window)

If an error occurred, the log will be written the message with a brief reason, and a log of the last action that caused the error.

Next, an example of the error: instead of throwing the file onto the shortcut "Test Po file…", just launched the label, respectively, the program should report the error "no check" file ("empty drop").

See message "Error:…" at the end of the main log program. Next follows a section, "===DEBUGINFO===" at the end of which the error message is duplicated.

Рисунок 6. The log with the error. Red marked main fragments of the log.


14.2. The cause of the error (in the file)

Choose Start > All programs > SourceLocalizer > Log of the last error in the program

In the program "Notepad" the file will be opened with this log.

Example file path: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\SourceLocalizer\temp\crashlog.txt

14.3. The cause of the error (in the Windows EventLog)

If the installation program you have not turned off the checkmark for "register a Windows EventLog", at the end of the log is the message "See this message at the Windows EventLog Application (SourceLocalizer)" and the error message you can see in the Windows EventLog.

The access to the log messages of programs and services in Windows (for example Windows 7):

Start > Computer > Menu on right mouse button > Manage > See image

Рисунок 7. Windows EventLog with the selected tab "Applications" and a list item with the error message of the program SourceLocalizer. Red marked elements are considered.


In the event list "Applications" section to find reports for "SourceLocalizer".

Рисунок 8. Description of the error messages from the Windows EventLog. Red marked main fragments of the log.


From the message shows the cause of the error, a log of the last actions of the program and the date and time of the message.

14.4. To report a bug to the author

In order to report a bug to the author of the program, select the menu "start":

All programs > SourceLocalizer > Links > To Write a letter of support

Will launch the mail program that is installed by default to work with email messages and openly formed a letter in support.

Example automatically filled letters for version

"To": support@sourcelocalizer.com

"Subject": SourceLocalizer

The text of the letter:


Program: SourceLocalizer


Debug report:

< < If an error occurs when you run the program - copy here the log message with DEBUGINFO to the end of the log > >

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