19. Additional module to the program

To support all these languages to help you use the spelling checker hunspell and the number of free dictionaries (Russian, English, German, French,..). If you download them from the developer’s site, then it will take a lot of time and effort, so a project was developed, "Collection of dictionaries and spell checker modules "SpellCheckPack"" which presents and module hunspell dictionaries.

Download the collection in the archive at the link http://www.sourcelocalizer.com/en/files/pack/spellcheckpack.zip or from GitHub https://github.com/SourceLocalizer/SpellCheckPack

Unzip the archive into the directory of the localization program ("c:\Program Files (x86)\SourceLocalizer").

After extracting the archive of the modules to the program directory in the file properties NHunspell.dll (approximate location c:/Program Files (x86)/SourceLocalizer/NHunspell.dll) click button "Unblock" (at Windows 10 uses a checkbox instead of a button) to work with it – see picture below.

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